Esperanza (prtylilangleyes) wrote,

Photo Shoot today

So I had my shoot today. It went awesome! I'm so happy and I'm super excited to see the product. He said he would have the proofs online by Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to that. I did two looks that were like traditional commercial and theatrical headshots. I also did three fashion looks that were crazy! One was like a nerdy-intern type look. One was this uber sexy gothic look. They haid my hair totally ratted out into this sideways mohawk and this black eye makeup that went all the way across my face. My boobs were totally hanging out, and it was FREEZING cold when I had to shoot them this morning, but he let me get a sneak peek at them and they were AMAZING! My last look was this rockabilly chick with the big victorian rolls in my hair and this crazy punk rocker rainbow eye makeup. I also got to rock out in the shoot with my guitar in the middle of Melrose Blvd. (they closed part of the road off for it!) so that was a lot of fun. Freezing, but fun. I'm really glad I got to do it, and I'll definitely post pics when I get them. Then you could all help me decide which to get as headshots and which to get put on my zed cards! Yay!
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