Esperanza (prtylilangleyes) wrote,

Photo Shoot today

So I had my shoot today. It went awesome! I'm so happy and I'm super excited to see the product. He said he would have the proofs online by Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to that. I did two looks that were like traditional commercial and theatrical headshots. I also did three fashion looks that were crazy! One was like a nerdy-intern type look. One was this uber sexy gothic look. They haid my hair totally ratted out into this sideways mohawk and this black eye makeup that went all the way across my face. My boobs were totally hanging out, and it was FREEZING cold when I had to shoot them this morning, but he let me get a sneak peek at them and they were AMAZING! My last look was this rockabilly chick with the big victorian rolls in my hair and this crazy punk rocker rainbow eye makeup. I also got to rock out in the shoot with my guitar in the middle of Melrose Blvd. (they closed part of the road off for it!) so that was a lot of fun. Freezing, but fun. I'm really glad I got to do it, and I'll definitely post pics when I get them. Then you could all help me decide which to get as headshots and which to get put on my zed cards! Yay!
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that sounds so glam--so un-gene ho. ;)

what is a zed card?
A zed card is something that management (acting and modeling management) send to different casting directors and production companies. They are usually like a 5 by 7 postcard with your headshot on one side and on the other side it has a few smaller photos of you in different 'looks'. It also has all of your stats on it and everything, so that people can get a better idea of what type of characters you could play.
hahaha...I don't have them yet!
Zed card is also called a "comp card" I don't even know where the term "zed card" came from. Just kinda popped up. Everyone here calls 'em comps. I think it's yet another "east coast/west coast" thing. Man, i'm gonna have to learn all new terms when i get out there.
Do they say "taft hartley'd" or "waivered" out there when you work a union job and have to do an assload of paperwork? They say waivered here.
Sounds like an awesome shoot!! So exciting that they actually closed off roads for you! Can't wait to see the pics!
Wanna hook me up with a photog? Hell, i'll fly out there for a tfp!!!
I've heard taft hartley'd and waivered, but yeah, when you say comp card out here they look at you funny. To everybody out here, it's just a zed card. But yeah, the shoot was really fun. I was scared to death of the 'sexy' shots, just because I thought the whole world could see my tata's when I guess they weren't even showing, but yeah. I guess I'm still not comfortable in sexy roles even though that's what I'm usually cast in. But hopefully I'll get used to it soon enough!
By the way...are you on onemodelplace? If not, it's a great website to get involved with if you are looking for tfp photographers. The guy I just shot with told me about it and I just started a profile. I have already gotten tons of offers after being on it for only a few days! I even found that chris kadish on there that you told me about.
I've avoided it simply bcs. at the agency, i often had to go on there and there are so many skanky pornstar wannabes on there, i really didn't wanna tell people "yeah, i'm on OMP!" Artistic nudes are one thing and i can appreciate that, but some of these were just outright pornography. And some of the photographers are the same way. I know there are plenty of legit people on there, but i'm a little scared of whom i'll run into photographer-wise! You never know when some seemingly legit opportunity will turn out to be a shoot for a fetish website (that actually happened!)
Yeah, I get some shady replies on there, some that are bondage photographers and playboy wannabes, but there are also some really good photogs on there. You just really have to choose wisely. When someone sends me an offer and it looks reputable, I always take it to my manager first. So far I haven't had any problems. You just have to ignore all the pervs who just want nudie pics for themselves to wack to.