Esperanza (prtylilangleyes) wrote,

Long Time, No Write!

So, Cancun was great. Loved it so so so much. It was so good to just sit back and get wasted for a week with my rad Mommy and Julian. Now it's back to the real world. No money, no life outside of work, and the weather has consistently been in the low 70's...NOT COOL WITH ME!!! I'm a hot weather girl and this is too damn cold for California! Especially at night time when I work outside (not at my corner...well, corner of the club), it gets freezing! (For those of you who are confused about that whole working my corner thing, I work the door at a concert venue (House of Blues), so I consider my door my little corner...nothing too risque' right?!)

Anyway, I have a photo shoot this Monday that I'm stoked about. It was supposed to be today, but the hairstylist got in a really bad car accident, so it's been rescheduled. Hopefully I'll get some good headshots out of this too, but regardless, it's going to be kick ass for my portfolio!

And ummm...yeah. That's about all that's going on right now. I know I know...I'm such a freaking boring person, but such is the life! I'm just uber bored before work right now and thought I would update real quick. Hope everybody is doing well!
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be sure to post the headshots so we can all vote on the best ones. you think your corner's cold. i'm considering becoming a strictly on call hooker with this weather. what the fuck were we thinking moving here? on my days off lately, i spend them either going to this new orleans bar, the voodoo lounge, wishing i'd just moved with shawn and j-rod and the rest of that acting class to new orleans, since even the shitty actors got jobs, or researching san francisco, which for somee reason doesn't look like it's spelled correctly, but anyway that would also be cool because we 'd be near you guys. except, if moving to san fran, then why not just move to la.
San Fran is super super expensive, and the weather really sucks. But it is a beautiful city, if you are willing to pay $1400/month for a 200 sq.foot studio and $4.00/gallon for gas. Other than that, I love San Fran. I used to live there with my aunt and uncle in the summers growing up. Did my first industrial films out there in high school, and there is a lot of theatre there. But don't say I didn't warn you about the ass freezing weather in Chicago. I know for a fact that I mentioned living right outside Chicago for nearly 5 years. You aren't even in the cold months yet. It doesn't even start to get cold there until around Mid-January...