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My life, in writing...kind of

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25 May 1984

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Date Created:2001-05-21
Number of Posts: 661

Just a slightly quirky fun loving chica trying to make an impact on the world. So in love and so determined to do big things...so watch out world...Daniela is in the house and ready to make some noise!!
Strengths: Persistant, brutally honest, open-minded, big-hearted, compassionate, determined, musical, quick-witted, fashionable, adaptable.
Weaknesses: Julian, sex and hot chocolate, tattoos, piercings, bashing stupid people, good movies, spinach and artichoke dip, travelling, holding grudges.
Special Skills: Contortionist! Fashoinista extrordinairre, musical genious, actress, writer, dancer, sharp tounge, great kisser
Weapons: My words can destroy you almost as fast as my fists. I can really make your life a living hell if you even try to hurt me. I show no remorse to hateful people.
Danielle-isms: "Without you, I'm like a lilly off the vine - certain to wilt away by days end." ~Me "Some days you just have to sit on the toilet and poop." ~Me "Lips like venom with a heart of gold. If you can get through the sting, you'll never regret the treasure." ~Me

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