Esperanza (prtylilangleyes) wrote,

sexy...? maybe more or less..

So the photographer I shot with sent me the link to the proofs, and they are rad! The headshot-type ones were okay, I mean, there isn't too much you can do with a headshot, but yeah. Anyway, the ones that I thought were gonna be horrible (i.e. the 'sexy' ones, cuz I don't know how to be sexy) came out absolutely amazing! It doesn't even look like me, but they do at the same time! And I had no idea how big my boobs were until I took a look at the photos! I was going to post them, but there is a block on the site, so I can't. However, I am going in tomorrow to pick up the CD of proofs so then I will have them to post, so it will be just a little longer, then I can share them and get opinions on which ones people like the best. I know which ones I like from each look, but theres a few of you out there whom I would love to hear from, just because you all have some experience with photos and headshots and zed shots. Anyway, I just looked at them and am super excited, so I just thought like sharing! Yay!
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