Esperanza (prtylilangleyes) wrote,


1) Drinking Buddy of The Year?
Julian or my Mom!

2) Lifetime service award - Longest friend
Sara Abawi or Glynn and miss you guys!

3) High Point of the year?
Getting representation out here

4) Low point of the year?
Being broke and going hungry

5) Best holiday?
Thanksgiving...we were so trashed I hardly remember it!

6) Anthem for 2006?
Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park

7) Any regrets?
Not keeping in as good touch with some people, and giving others the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn't have.

8) Best Night out?

9) Worst Night out?

10) Who was the last person you spent valentines day with?

11) Best relationship?

12) Worst relationship?

13) Best concert?
I dunno...I see concerts every night at work, but the best was either Corrine Bailey Ray, Il Nino, or Cypress Hill w/Snoop

14) Best New Relationship?
Ted or Jamie

15) Best decision made all year?
To move

16) Best new album that you have got?
Cristina Aguilera (okay, you can all laugh at me now...I bought a pop album)

17) Most proud moment?
Standing up to people

18) Most reliable person?
Julian and my mom

19) Best job of the year?
House of Blues, I hate it right now, but it wasn't always bad.

20) Best Film?
The King with Gael Garcia Bernal, Road to Guantanamo, The Oh in Ohio, and Art School Confidential

21) Favorite quote of the year?
Your curves are beautiful!

22) Rate 2006 on a scale of 1-10

23) Plans for 07?
Nail some of these pilot auditions my manager is setting me up with this upcoming pilot season.

24) Where do you see yourself in 2017?
Hopefully not starving

25) What are you hoping for next year?
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