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Early Morning.

So, after getting home from work at about 12:45 last night, I wanted to just go to bed because I had to be back here at 8:00 this morning. Well, the falling asleep was easy with alchoholic aide, but it was the REALLY early morning wake-up call that pissed the hell out of me. At approximately 4:30AM the fire alarm goes off. Julian and I try to ignore it for a while, but considering it is placed right outside our apartment door, it was a little difficult. So, I get out of bed and look in the hallway to see what's going on. Me and two other people who live in our hall were all messy haired and sleepy eyed looking around wondering why the hell the alarm is going off. No smoke, no nothing. So, I close the door, put a pillow over my head, and try to sleep through it. Well, a few minutes later, we hear firetrucks! So, I go out, open the door again...AND THE HALLWAY IS FULL OF SMOKE!!! I yell to Julian, "Get up! We gotta go!" He jumps up and looks in the hallway and was kinda in shock. So we pull our shoes on, grab our wallets and cell phones, and hightail it down the 9 flights of stairs. So we get to the lobby of our apartment, and pretty much the entire building is sitting outside. We join the ranks of them as the firetrucks pull up to the building. I'm freaking out wondering what I'm going to do for work clothes and what's going to happen to the few valuable things I do have in that apartment. Firefighters go in and have to break into the leasing office where the fire control panels are located.

Long story short...somebody placed smoke bombs outside the fire alarms on each floor of the building...stupid bastards. By the time we actually got to go back in and walk UP the 9 stories of stairs (elevators still not working due to the alarms), it was time for me to 'wake up' to go to work.

So, I'm tired and grumpy and having to deal with stupid people going to Gospel Brunch today. Yet another reason to hate people even more.
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