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I really hate people

So, I'm sitting at work in the House of Blues box office right now. Let me remind you all that I am at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California, and not at one in some hillbilly, southern racist state. Well, I just had a lady call me and ask questions about our Gospel Brunch, which is a buffet and live concert we have every Sunday. She was asking me about prices and who the band was this week and all the basic questions we get asked all the time. Then, she goes on to ask "so, what is the racial mix of the crowd that goes to the show?" Kind of (okay, REALLY) offended by this, I answer "Well, what exactly do you mean?" She responds with (and I kid you not) "well, is the crowd mostly NEGRO or is it a nicer crowd?" WHAT?!?! I wanted to hang up on this ignorant bitches ass! We are in freaking WEST HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA!! We're not in some lame-ass racist town like fucking Myrtle Beach or somewhere. This is one of the most diverse cities in the US and there are actually stupid people out here who still act like they are supierior or 'nicer' than another group of people. I'm in such shock right now. That just made me sick to my stomach. I'm so disgusted. It makes me hate people that much more.
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i feel you. por ejemplo, i was working a party thursday morning, and they all worked for the chicago housing authority, or something, and the majority of the peoplein th eparty, like 88 out of 95 or something, were black. well, the seven or whatever white guys were sitting at the bar, in suits, and the rest of the people were down below at the tables. so danielle, another danielle obviously, says, "i don't like it that the white people are all at the bar" and i said, "yep, it's elitist and wrong" (because that's a quote from love actually, but no one knows it, anyway it has nothing to do with all of this) and she agreed, and i said, 'i feel like i'm back in south carolina" and she siad, I know right? and i said i'm not even kidding, and she laughed and said, i know, me neither.

well, that's not really the important part, because we were trying to laugh abouti t a little, how whereever you go, people are bastards. so, one of the "gentlemen" at the bar leans forward at that time and says, "well, you know we have to come see this crowd a couple of times a year," and if you had just heard how he said "this crowd," --it was one of those shake your head at the state of things type of moments.

well, what did you say in response to the woman? you had to say something, right; you coulnd't just hang up. it would have been hilarious if you had hung up though.