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So...I have an interview on Thursday (was Monday, then moved to Tuesday, now it's Thursday) for a supervisor position at work. This would mean that I would no longer have to work two jobs, be completely exhausted and still broke because I don't make enough at either. This would mean that I would be moving up in a company I really like working for. This would mean that I would be doing almost what I was doing before I moved here for almost 4 years and loved. I love working in box offices. I love being on that side of the scene. It's so much fun, and it's always different, every day. At Wheelwright (where I used to be the Senior House manager then transferred to Box Office manager), it was a slightly different atmosphere. You had ballets, concerts, comedians, orchestras, variety shows and public speakers, so you really always had different crowds and situations. Here at the HOB, it's strictly concerts so it isn't as diverse, but it is just as great. The only thing is is that I haven't been with the company very long (just since May) and I know that they are probably looking for someone who has been there longer. But I know I could do it and do it well. It's the environment I love working in, and lets face it, I hate my other job. I hate it so much that it is really making me miserable. I would love this position but I don't really know what to do, because I can't automatically make it like I have worked for the company longer than I really have...that's beyond my control. But doesn't it stand for something all the experience I have in that industry?? I got Chris and Porter (my old manager and the man who runs the theater) to both write me letters of recommendation, and they both wrote very kind words, which I hope helps. I don't know how many people they are interviewing, but I hope they aren't already having someone in mind by the time they get to me. So, think about me and wish me luck on Thursday, because I could really use some support. I really want this and could really use the feeling of accomplishment in my life right now. I want to make a difference at work. I want this.
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