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I'm such a celebrity whore!

Yay! So at work last night, Penelope Cruz had a big party in our Members Only area. And as you can imagine, Ms. Cruz has some pretty awesome friends who came to this party. Let's just see...

*Antonio Banderas is drop dead gorgeous and not as short as everybody says. He's also very courteous. I was going to the bathroom on my break and was moving past him in the hallway. In his oh-so-sexy accent...he goes "escoose meh". I just smiled because I'd just walked into the person who I have had a silly celebrity crush on since I was a little girl! I ended up seeing him a few times throughout the night and he was wonderful!

*His wife, Melanie Griffith, is very kind as well. I know people always give her a lot of shit, and she's not exactly my favorite actress, but she is very beautiful and a very sweet person.

*Orlando Bloom. Can't stand him. Never liked him. He's such a poser and it makes me sick and he isn't even hot. I don't know what anybody sees in him...but once again, regardless of that, he's a very nice guy. He came right up to me outside when he was smoking a cig and just started talking to me, asking how my night was going, all that fun smalltalk stuff. I still think he's a poser and the worst actor ever, but he's a nice guy.

*Drumroll please.....SELMA HAYEK!!!! Most beautiful person I have ever met...EVER!!! I didn't get to talk to her, but I got to make eye contact and smile at her and she is seriously the most stunningly beautiful person I have ever seen! And, she's built like me, which makes me smile, because I have never been completely comfortable with my curves, and seeing someone with curves like mine and how beautiful she was made me happy. Beautiful. That is all.

*There were also lots of other people there, like the tall bitchy lady from that old tv show "Just Shoot Me" and other B-actresses like that. It was pretty cool though.

...Maybe someday I'll be one of those people that others write about...

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