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It's been a celebrity week...

So, after riding my high from meeting and getting a chance to talk with Benicio del Toro and Mark Ruffalo, I was able to be at another celebrity-filled event. I was working the other night for Justin Timberlake's concert. Basically, there were very few tickets available to the public, because most of the venue was bought out for his celebrity following and the like. Well, I got to work the celebrity entrance!! Let's see...where to start:
**Ellen Degenerous, my fave, called me a cutie-pie!!!
**Her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, is beautiful
**Jeremy Piven is really short
**So is Spike Lee
**Tyra Banks is much more beautiful in real life
**Molly Sims is a total sweetheart
**Donald Faison is also a total sweetheart
**Maroon 5 all wear cool hats
**Paris Hilton pushed me, and it took all my strength not to shove back...only because I desperately need the paycheck. Bitch.
So I got to take a quick 15 minute break. You know, catch my breath, take a potty break, and the like. So I go to use the bathroom and of course, there is a line because the place is packed. By the time I get to a stall, there is a line of 4-5 people behind me. I go start walking into the stall, and Paris Hilton comes behind me, puts her hand on my shoulder as she pushes me out of the way to use that stall. The bathroom attendant that works in the bathroom, obviously not knowing who this tall lanky lazy-eyed blonde was, yells "lady, you need to step on back and wait yo' turn!" Paris, looking stunned and even slightly apologetic looks at her and then me, and was like "Oh, I'm so sorry!" as she steps to the back of the line and I sneak into my stall, laughing my ass off at how great that was!! Biatch learned her lesson!
**Supermodels really are super tall!!
**Pharrell really needs to eat a cheeseburger or something. That kid is skinny!

There's so much more, but all I have to say is that I am still starstruck. I feel like by the time I come down from this week's high, I'll be put right back on another one. Next Sunday I'll be attending a very intimate, very private, invite-only play reading by Mark Ruffalo. Yeah, I'm so cool I get to hang out with him every two weeks!! It's going to be so cool. I love this town.
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